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Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing!

In fact, it looks as though Kanye has gotten his way and they are not selling the photos to any weekly or tabloid. So if you were hoping for an over-the-top photoshoot glimpse at little Yeezy, keep dreaming!

TMZ reports that the couple has already passed on several impressive offers, including one as high as $3 million for the first photos of North West.

Sources told the website that Kimye thought about selling photos of little Nori and then donating the money to charity the way other stars (Brangelina!) have done, but they decided against it.

However, Kanye has always got a plan. And Kim is notorious for her media maven skills. If we were taking bets we’d put our money on Kimye waiting a while and doing a huge spread in a fancy art or fashion magazine, probably international. Though Kimmy has done an incredible job of staying out of the spotlight since she gave birth two months ago, it’s simply not her style to stay away from the cameras for long. After all, it’s been her bread and butter for the past 10 years. And given all the the stunts and fake out photos of North West we’ve seen in recent weeks, we can’t help but think Kimye has some sort of Earth-shattering debut in the works to introduce their little princess to the world. Yeezy won’t let Blue Ivy out-stunt his baby girl!

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