Kim's DIY -Caesar Creek Flea Market - 12/7


Hi, it's Kim and it's time to turn fabulous finds from Caesar Creek Flea Market into one-of-a-kind pieces for your home. This week's creative castoffs are…. Repurposed METAL TRAYS. Attach several together and make a beautiful unique focal point on a large wall. Get out your chalk spray paint and create a message board or most are magnetic so you can do the same with magnets. The smaller ones make great place cards for your holiday party. The options are limitless! Check out these looks below and rediscover Caesar Creek Flea Market this weekend. . . where you're sure to

. . . Find it! Love it! Make it yours!

Click here to find out more about Caesar Creek Flea Market


Metal Tray 1
Metal Tray 2
Metal Tray 3
Metal tray 4
Metal Tray 5
Kim Faris

Kim Faris

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