Zach Braff & Donald Faison Talk Awkward Sex Scenes & More 'Scrubs' Memories

On this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends, Zach Braff and Donald Faison, along with their producers Joelle and Dan, discuss the Scrubs episode, “My Monster.” But mainly they talk about Beyonce’s Black Is King, the awkwardness of filming sex scenes, Donald’s extra-strong libido, the time Zach bought a co-star in a play some comedy underwear, and whether or not DJ Khaled will let them get a ringtone of his catchphrase. Donald reveals (much to Joelle’s excitement) that his wife, CaCee Cobb, worked with Destiny’s Child and actually knows Beyonce – and we discover that Britney Spears flirted with Donald back in 2009, but he couldn’t do anything about it because he was already dating CaCee. Fortunately, CaCee is “the woman of my dreams,” so he feels no pain; just enjoys the bragging rights.

“My Monster” is all about sex and relationships, and especially how awkward they can become in the workplace – and speaking of awkward, not much comes close to filming a hot and heavy sex scene with your coworker. An intense scene in this episode between Zach and his co-star, Sarah Chalke, took nearly a full day to shoot. Donald confesses that he’s not sure he could do a whole day of sex scenes, saying it would be too nerve-wracking. Zach says it’s truly awkward when actors don’t have any actual chemistry; with Sarah, at least, there was already genuine affection between them, so they could kind of enjoy themselves. But he’s had a little more experience, as well, having done a play where he was under the covers pleasuring a woman who’s so unmoved by his efforts that she’s reading a book. “Eight shows a week, she’s in her underwear and I’m down there, inches from her business,” he remembers. As a joke, he gave her a pair of underwear with the scene printed on them, in case he ever forgot his lines. She got a huge kick out of them, and on closing night, “I got down there and she was wearing them….Hilarious,” he laughs. 

This episode is also when Zach’s character, J.D., finally gets up the nerve to ask out Gift Shop Girl, played by Sara Lancaster, but his character is so stressed out he can’t respond to her when they’re making out. Donald and Zach both agree that this is unrealistic writing: “I don’t think there’s any world” where J.D. would have “arguably one of the prettiest girls who was ever on Scrubs in front of him and he’s got nothing going on,” Zach says – though he has had times in his life where he was too stressed to be very interested in sex. Donald, however, can’t relate to that at all. Zach admires both his and CaCee’s inexhaustibility before they move on to talking to David from London, who asks them what they would change about the show if they’d had full creative control. We also hear about Donald’s helicopter parenting, what character he’d most like to play in a Star Wars movie, why Zach was obsessed with Alicia Silverstone, and much more; hear the whole hilarious conversation on this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends.

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