Forget Yanni vs Laurel - It's All About Green Needle vs Brainstorm

green needle or brainstorm

This week, the country was divided into two camps - Yanni vs Laurel. It also revealed a lesser divide for reporters on what the correct spelling of Yanni (or Yanny?) was.  

The viral audio clip that had everyone talking this week spawned memes, copycats, and even President Trump got in on the fun. The New York Times even published an entire column explaining the science behind why so many people were hearing different things. 

It was a remarkable commentary on how our senses define reality differently from other people. 

But there's another piece of audio-voodoo magic that's floating around the internet that seems to be far less divisive (and even dare I say it, fun?). 

The clip, which was unearthed by someone on Reddit, allows you to hear pretty much whatever you want. Start by listening to the clip below with no context. What do you hear? 


Did you hear "Brainstorm?" or "Green Needle?" 

Turns out, you can literally choose which word you want to hear. If you really want to get fancy, you can even hear "Brain Needle" or "Green Storm" just by thinking about those words. 

We won't judge if you spend the rest of your day listening to this clip on repeat.


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